Dissecting the Song: Thee Oh Sees – “Warm Slime”

It takes a certain brand of chutzpah for a band to tack 11 minutes of spaced-out krautrock onto the end of a 2-minute garage-pop song, and then make that whole 13-minute epic the first track on an album that barely clocks in at half an hour. The conventional wisdom of track ordering says that you front-load a record with your most accessible pop ditties and put your extended psychedelic jams in the back - give people an enticing piece of candy at the beginning in the hope they stick around for the LSD-laced meat you have planned for them later. [...]

Dissecting the Song: The Stone Foxes – “I Killed Robert Johnson”

Looking back though almost a century of hazy myth-making, every part of famed delta bluesman Robert Johnson's life has become the stuff of legend. With no birth certificate, a mere 29 recorded songs and only two surviving photographs, all we really have of the man whose infamous deal with the devil is effectively rock and roll's creation myth is a handful of half-remembered stories, passed down from one generation to the next through song, film and Wikipedia. While what may or may not have happened at those  Mississippi crossroads has been retold ad infinitum (even somehow inspiring this), the legend [...]

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