Noise Pop 2019: The Marias, Katzù Oso, Ginger Root and Derek Ted at the Chapel

Closing out the final night of Noise Pop Festival 2019 was a melting pot of the Marías, Katzù Oso, Ginger Root, and Derek Ted on Sunday, March 3. The collective bill took the Chapel crowd to church with an eclectic palette of grooves and soul made for dancing, swaying, and just to have some goddamn good fun before Monday. First up: Derek Ted. The San Francisco-born, now Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter debuted his full-band performance by playing a majority crop of brand new folk-pop songs, possibly hinting at a fully-realized new album to follow up his 2017 "Hidden Thoughts" mixtape. A [...]

Noise Pop: Katie Crutchfield of Waxahatchee leads stellar night at the Swedish American Hall

The 2018 Noise Pop Music Festival concluded with a sold-out solo musician showcase led by Katie Crutchfield, aka Waxahatchee, at the Swedish American Hall on Sunday, February 25. This was my first time attending a show at the Swedish American Hall. Putting the stellar musicianship aside, I was blown away by a multitude of factors. There really isn't a bad seat in the house, and there are plenty of seats to be had. The venue sounds great, and the stage is low and close to the crowd for an especially intimate feel. My favorite thing, however, was on display from the [...]

Derek Ted to release new solo LP on Wednesday

Derek Ted, frontman for San Francisco-based folk-rock trio Owl Paws, concludes his new solo album with a track called "Poison Poetry." I can't think of a better way to describe the songwriter's music that so often falls somewhere between unendurable pain and heartbreaking beauty with the occasional ray of ephemeral hope thrown in there, a biting bittersweetness with an emphasis on the former rather than latter half of that term. So thanks, Derek, for making my job that much easier. Though obviously more mellow than his work in Owl Paws, the solo record, entitled "Wilted in Summer," hits just as [...]

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Wax Idols and HUNNY play Milk Bar this weekend

Oakland-bred Wax Idols are hitting the Haight Street venue with Southern California-based nu-new wave group HUNNY this weekend, and it's bound to be a ball. Wax Idols most recent release — American Tragic — is notoriously that: an album centered around break-ups that also pledges the great nature of independence and rallies in the importance of being united. The group has moved far beyond their debut album Discipline + Desire and into a gloomy, dark, post-punk sounds that is notable. HUNNY, who recently performed as part of Noise Pop 2016 at the Independent, takes elements of The Cure and other nostalgic new wave acts [...]

Derek Schultz of Owl Paws releases solo EP This Life Now

Derek Schultz, lead singer and guitarist of Owl Paws, has a new EP out today under his solo moniker Derek Ted. Released on Kevin Patrick's label Sunroom Recordz & Salon, the five song collection is full of introspective ruminations on life, loneliness, that vague, distressing realization that things aren't going exactly the way you hoped they would, that you're getting old quicker than you expected and not quite prepared for the cold judgements of adulthood. "Isn't it funny," he muses on the haunting "Empty Arms", "how people, like things, become obsolete objects in spite of their dreams." This is stripped down, [...]

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