Death Grips and the art of the con

MC Ride of Death Grips. A fan reflects on the Sacramento band's history of trolling their audience, and ponders why that audience keeps coming back for more. I knew the instant Death Grips made their breakup announcement — which was made via a photo of a cocktail napkin in 2014 — that it was bogus. The message on the napkin said, “We are now at our best and so Death Grips is over. We have officially stopped.” Of course, this weird photo was a fitting way for the band to end their career — even more fitting that their end [...]

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This is a joke, right? Death Grips announce international tour

  It seems like everyone has a war story about being abruptly stood up by Death Grips (author’s personal badge of honor—FYF Fest 2014), a band that cancels shows with Morrissey-like prolificacy. After declaring last July that the group was unequivocally disbanding, Death Grips—the industrial, post-hip hop group that truly defies genres—went out and did a very Death Gripsian thing on Tuesday by announcing a whole bunch of new shows, setting up oh-so-many fans for potential heartbreak. And like a cuckolded lover who can’t walk away from her boyfriend despite his repeated trips to Vegas with “the boys” (I don’t [...]

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Review & Photos: Death Grips @ Slim’s 12/3/12

Sacto punk-grime-rap duo Death Grips brought their aggressive live show to Slim’s last Monday. They blasted through a twelve song, sweat-soaked set while the mosh pit below them twisted with the energy of eager young men rushing towards the stage. Zach Hill—the semi-famous experimental drummer best known for his roles with Hella and guest stints with Boredoms, Marnie Stern, and Wavves—brought an intentionally hollow tribal drum attack that popped out in unison with the backing-track electronic drums. MC Ride, shirtless for the entire show and dripping sweat, gave off the stage presence of a slow motion tornado, moving his arms [...]

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Death Grips coming to Slim's 12/3/12, drops video for "World of Dogs"

We recently reported on the controversial self-release of Death Grips' third album NO LOVE DEEP WEB. Fans were a little disappointed when the volatile Sacramento hip-hop trio announced the cancellation of its June 30th show at Slim's, one of a slew of tour dates canceled by the group on the eve of its headlining gig at the Sacramento Electronic Music Festival in May. But the cancellation served a greater good: Death Grips wanted to finish the new record. Now the album is out – leaked with or without Epic Records' consent, depending on whose story you believe – and on [...]

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Death Grips leaks its third album 'NO LOVE DEEP WEB'

Sacramento-based experimental hip-hop trio Death Grips prematurely leaked its own third album (and second of 2012) NO LOVE DEEP WEB on its own website, allegedly without the consent of its label Epic Records. The band's site offers multiple downloads for the digital full-length, as well as a full Soundcloud stream and complete lyrics sheet. Stream it here: The NSFW album cover gained the band some attention, featuring an erect penis with NO LOVE DEEP WEB written across it in Sharpie. The real controversy, though, is whether or not Epic Records actually had anything to do with the leak. On September [...]

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