Photos: Death from Above 1979 and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club double down at The Masonic

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (photo: Ian Young) A double bill of masterful rock proportions featuring a return home from Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Death from Above 1979 shared the bill at The Masonic last Saturday night, October 22, 2016. Both bands were in fine form and have been doing what they do for so long now that it's impossible to deny the talent and punk energy of both bands. Check out the incredible gallery of both of them below by our photographer Ian Young.

Review & Photos: Death from Above 1979 pick up where they left off

Touring with their first album in ten years, Death From Above 1979 brought the same raw, manic, punk-rock energy that initially earned the Canadian duo the cult status they acquired since their breakup in 2006. With plenty of fresh material from The Physical World (released earlier this year), like the driving earworm “Trainwreck”, and diehard fans that have been not-so patiently waiting at least three years for another live show, it’s awesome that Death From Above has chosen to play smaller clubs, where their visceral, gut-punch performance isn’t lost in the nosebleeds or balconies. To still be able to see [...]

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Don’t Miss at TIMF 2011: Death from Above 1979

I will confess to initially being more than a bit mystified by the hype surrounding the return of Toronto duo Death from Above 1979. That's not because I hadn't enjoyed the band's You're a Woman, I'm a Machine LP -- sure, I recalled enjoying it quite a bit -- but the band's quick ascent, dissolution relatively soon thereafter, and return to performing five years later isn't exactly the sort of feel-good "unheralded band gets due decades later" sort of comeback story that invests a reunion announcement with real, um, meaning. In this age of music oversaturation and decreasing buzz band [...]

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