Davis Music Fest hits fifth year, showcases Bay Area talent

Ah Davis, the memories of my undergraduate days come flooding back: wild toga parties, drunken singalongs to "Louie Louie," crashing the homecoming parade with John Belushi...wait a minute, that was just Animal House. My time at UC Davis was much more square, most of it spent hunched over books and mistakenly believing that an English degree would provide numerous lucrative future career opportunities. (Ha!) So I sadly didn't partake in the eclectic music scene that the bicycle-obsessed, farmer's-market-loving town had to offer at DIY house shows and KDVS-sponsored events. Even worse, the Davis Music Fest, now in its fifth year, didn't [...]

Photos & Review: Highlights from Davis Music Fest 2013

All the way from Austin, Jess Williamson performed at Sophia's Thai Kitchen in Davis. Sophia's quickly became our number one favorite venue (of twelve venues!) at the 3rd annual Davis Music Fest last weekend. One for the kiddies: Music Matt and the Whole 9 Yards, at the Davis Art Center. Camila Ortiz played outside the Pence Gallery. Covering Bright Eyes and Bon Iver, it is hard to believe her age. Playing her own songs, it is impossible. Look out for Camila Ortiz! NorCal rastaband Ital Souls played Jah's music at Delta of Venus. Jon Langford (of The Mekons, Waco Brothers, [...]

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Davis Music Fest 2013, June 22-23, 62 bands, 13 venues, $25

Yes $25, take that Outside Lands! The Davis Music Fest cometh! There will be 13 venues participating, from the schwanky Mondavi Center to sweet little bar/restaurants like Sophia's Thai Kitchen and Delta of Venus. And hey, it's only 80 minutes away by car or train (from Emeryville)! SF darlings John Vanderslice and Chuck Prophet will be there. Welsh lunatic Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers, etc.) never disappoints. JD McPherson, Sea of Bees, TV Mike and the Scarecrows . . . what are you waiting for? Mark yer calendar now! Extensive info is available from the co-presenters at The Davis Live [...]

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