Noise Pop Preview: Daughters’ furious return

Noise-obsessed band from Rhode Island, Daughters, might seem like a part of the recent series of half-hearted reunion shows or the string of overwrought 'ten-year-anniversary-of-our-seminal-album' tours that we bore witness to last year, but they're not. Sure, they had a heyday full of heavy touring, legendarily raucous live shows, and a few important albums from more than a decade ago. And, yes, attention spans dwindled and in 2008 the band went on a hiatus that seemed permanent to their fans. But last year, they released You Won't Get What You Want to a wide range of praise. Like Daughters' albums [...]

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Sponsored: Get excited about winter at the Independent

Local music fans, rejoice: The Independent has (once again) curated a calendar of upcoming shows that is sure to excite fans of all types. Over the course of the next few weeks, Bay Area music fans of all shapes and sizes — from connoisseurs of garage rock to French synth-pop, noise rock to self-aware pop-rock - will be able to enjoy the offerings of one of our top local music venues. It all begins with the Atlanta-bred powerhouse rock outfit, the Coathangers, as they make their way to a headlining gig at the Independent on Saturday, February 23. Opening the [...]

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