Best of 2009: Odawas on darwinsbitch and Birds & Batteries

Michael: Earlier this year, with no more than a handful of months in the Bay Area, a group called darwinsbitch asked us to play a show with them at the Totally Intense Fractal Mindgaze Hut in Oakland. The legend and mystery of time, place and person have severely affected the direction I see the music in my head turning. darwinsbitch turned out to be a person, a one Marielle Jakobson, playing a heady violin accompanied by some sort of digital drone device. darwinsbitch - "Iron Lake" The impact of her performance that night was devastating, making my own [...]

Sade Sundays: Wooden Shjips, Black Moth Super Rainbow, Darwinsbitch

We decided to do it at The Nature Food dispensary Mike works at. A shared warehouse in north Berkeley, it houses and packages a wide-range of mindbogglingly expensive grains, nuts and nutbutters. The insides were as sterile as expected; until Mike spilled a 10lb bag of $80 seeds on the floor. The middle room smelled like a farm. A fine place to hold the inaugural Sade Sundays for The Bay Bridged. (Read: Sade Sundays is essentially Mike and I writing checks our butts can't cash; we will be discussing music. Much like everyone does. Except we're calling it Sade Sundays [...]

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