Darondo and The Park talk apocalypse on "2012"

Are you tired of hearing about anything related to the Mayan apocalypse yet? I hope not, because San Francisco soul legend Darondo and The Park have teamed up to bring you a great piece of work all about the end of the world, the single "2012", which premiered on the Revivalist earlier this week. The Park, apparently determined to prove they can take their sound wherever they damn well please (and do it damn well), gave Darondo a decidedly modern foundation to tell us all about the comets and meteors and Mayans. It's one to listen to for a long [...]

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Photos & Recap: Left Coast Live, San Jose, 6/26/10

Thanks to Anna for pointing out this little known festival in San Jose! The crowd was really small but San Jose's The Mumlers wowed 'em with a sweet Memphis soul sound. What is Yo La Tengo doing here? Excellent versions of "Autumn Sweater" and part of "Little Eyes". Darondo killed it with a Screamin' Jay Hawkins meets Al Green smash. Don't miss him at Stern Grove on August 15th. Gimme some Legs! 83 year-old Big Jay McNeely showed 'em all up, struttin' around like a teenager. The Legendary Stardust Cowboy closed the night with his signature strangeness.

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