Walking in Sunlight debut out now, release party Saturday

Three beautiful voices, a banjo, and timeless folk songs -- Walking in Sunlight released their first full length on their Bandcamp site this week, via Ghost Mansion Records (Two Sheds, Dame Satan, Low Red Land). In the beginning, Nathan, Greg and Eva convened to share the pleasure of singing Carter Family songs together, but their three-part harmonies brought them to explore a wider realm of old-time songs and on to composing some originals. The trio's first, ten-song album surveys traditional songs, covers of Will Oldham and Doc Watson, and revisits songs from their previous projects (including Last of the Blacksmiths' [...]

Dame Satan -> Sands, @ El Rio Sat. with Mi Ami + 3 Leafs

Sands (formerly known as Dame Satan) is playing El Rio Saturday (9pm, $7), smoothing out the sounds of the evening with the mellower side of psychedelic. They're up with 3 Leafs (mentioned back in December) and recent Thrill Jockey signees, Mi Ami, who recently posted April national tour dates on their MySpace. Sands - "Dawn and Delta" Sands has undergone more retrofit than just the name change in December; for this show they're bringing two guests on board: Sam Coe (Two Sheds, Low Flying Owls, Seventeen Evergreen) on drums and their friend Phil from DC on keys. After [...]

Dame Satan (Podcast #176)

[podcast]http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Dame_Satan_Show.mp3[/podcast] This week, our podcast features Dame Satan, a San Francisco band mixing acoustic folk, electrified blues and psychedelic textures into some epic rock compositions. Their 2005 debut Ghost Mansion--named after the home the members shared which doubled as the recording location--offered a stripped-down, acoustic-driven blend of American rock sounds. The band reached another level, however, with 2008's Beaches and Bridges, which was recently released digitally on Origami Music. The songs on their latest album often sound like they're from another universe, but it's a fully realized, detail-rich universe, and the work has justly received very favorable reviews. Subscribe to [...]

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Ticket Giveaway Wednesday: Deerhoof, Dorkfest, Bowerbirds

It's time for another Ticket Giveaway Wednesday! In addition to these great shows, you can win a pair of tickets to our own fundraiser, Regional Bias, in giveaways being held by our friends Broke-Ass Stuart and Mission Mission. Sunday, August 2nd - Deerhoof @ Great American Music Hall Deerhoof are back home headlining this Sunday at Great American Music Hall. If you haven't seen these Bay Area staples yet - you are missing out! We were also very fortunate to have them perform at our inaugural New, Improved, LIVE studio sessions in May. Deerhoof - "Giga Dance" To [...]

Dame Satan – “I’m On Fire” (Bruce Springsteen cover)

Presented exactly as it was received: "In 1984, A pressed an ear to the front of a fat stereo speaker as Dad dropped a fresh wax copy of Born in the U.S.A. on the turntable. In 2003, A and Chopko drank beers in a vast San Francisco parking lot next to what was then Pacific Bell Park until they, with the E Street's opening strains tumbling faintly through the air, could no longer stand missing out. A scalper rolled by with nose-bleed bargains and the dudes obliged the Boss. In October 2008, Dame Satan stuffed into a mom's sedan for [...]

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Dame Satan and more, Saturday at Amnesia

"Ghost Dance" by Dame Satan. Music Video from Ghost Mansion on Vimeo. If you're looking for good music and good beers this Saturday, San Francisco's Dame Satan bring their psych-folk-rock to Amnesia, where they'll be joined by the dream pop sounds of Kings & Queens and the acoustic fare of Casual Fog. Both of those projects come to town from the ever-fertile Nevada City scene. 9pm, $7. Dame Satan - "Suffering Daughter" (from Beaches & Bridges) Kings & Queens - "Slow Motion"

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Port O’Brien versus crowd, Café du Nord

Words and Photos by: Nicole L. Browner Who knew Café du Nord could ever get rowdy, but leave it to Port O'Brien’s hands-on approach to get the crowd intrigued. Actually, just leave it to the crowd, who didn’t hush the entire night. Dame Satan inaugurated the evening by wrapping the room in silken gypsy callings and southern references. The air became a combination of appropriate use of wah on lead guitar, congregations around the drum set and deep, dreamy harmonies from Andrew Simmons and bassist Mike Chopko you wouldn't believe. After Dame's brief intro, Afternoons delivered contemporary choir rock akin [...]

Noise Pop: Friday Night Preview!

There's no excuse to stay in this weekend, not even the weather - Noise Pop's weekend forecast is more great music, rain or shine. On Friday the exceptional pop arrangements of St. Vincent can be heard at the Great American. "Now now," before she charms your socks off will be That Ghost (Santa Rosa), the quirky sound scientist Rafter (San Diego), and Cryptacize (out of the East Bay - think Camera Obscura with a splash of Deerhoof). Here’s a preview of what’s to be of their sophomore Asthmatic Kitty release, Mythomania: Cryptacize - "Mini-Mythomania" Carrying on with the [...]

Best of 2008: Ben Thorne of Low Red Land on Dame Satan’s Beaches and Bridges

2008 found a number of fantastic local albums seeing release (and one, Tartufi’s Nests of Wave and Wire, seeing a delay that only means it will be my favorite album of 2009), and the best, by far, is Dame Satan’s Beaches and Bridges. It’s a stunning, expansive album that swells and breathes, building on impressive vocal interplay and tasteful musicianship. Dame Satan - "The Struggle" The album wastes no time establishing the mood, as opener "Downstream" begins with a far-off, decaying delay ticking down to a simple, catchy guitar line. Acoustic instruments pair with electric effects, commanding the [...]

Palms, Skygreen Leopards and Dame Satan at Du Nord Saturday

There's a great local lineup at Cafe du Nord this Saturday, Nov. 29 that will help you get through the post-Thanksgiving lull -- Palms (i.e. Carolyn Pennypacker Riggs from The Finches), Skygreen Leopards and Dame Satan. We're not sure exactly what Palms has been up to since she took her project down to LA a few months ago, but we like what we hear so far: Palms - "Natural History" Skygreen Leopards' last release was in 2006, but just last month member Donovan Quinn released a solo project, called Donovan Quinn & the 13th Month. Dusted magazine called [...]

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