Video Premiere: Cyclops – “Eye of the Storm/Night of the Cyclops”

Emerging from Cyclops Island -- or, if you want to be humorless about it, Oakland and Portland -- Cyclops is the garage punk duo of Tina Lucchesi (TrashWomen/Bobby Teens/Midnight Snaxxx/countless others) and Jonnycat (Chemicals, Jonnycat Records). The band's Escape from Cyclops Island LP is arriving soon, preceded by this new video for "Eye of the Storm/Night of the Cyclops," which was directed by Chris Anderson and Tiger Lily. The over-the-top costumes call to mind a sword-and-sandal epic, and it wouldn't feel entirely surprising if Hercules leaped into frame to battle these monsters of rock. As it stands, unencumbered by opposition, [...]

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Nobunny, Cyclops, & more to play Knockout extravaganza

As April 20 steadily approaches, one has many options as to what they might do on such a date (and holiday related to an illegal substance or something). So as you're forced to make a choice as to what you might do, consider this: Masked rabbit man Nobunny is playing an early show at the Knockout in San Francisco with the likes of the one-eyed garage punk duo Cyclops, Pookie & the Poodlez, and power pop bands Primitive Hearts and So What. This will be Cyclops' last show before they embark on their European tour. The duo, comprised of Tina [...]

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Video Premiere: Cyclops – “Cyclops Island” (members of Midnite Snaxxx/The Chemicals)

Cyclops is Tina Lucchesi from Midnite Snaxxx and The Bobbyteens, and Jonny Cat from The Chemicals and also the Portland punk label Jonny Cat Records, among others -- listing the musical resumes of each just might crash this site. The pair have been playing a trashy blend of lo fi, garage, and punk together since last summer and have a 7” coming out soon on Austria's Bachelor Records. Filmed on a former landfill in the East Bay by Tiger Lily/Canderson with what looks like the fill pasted to Tina and Jonny Cat, the duo runs around in British-styled comedic fashion. [...]

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