Stories from Slim’s, Part 1: My last show at Slim’s ended in the tow yard

(Source: Slim's Facebook) So yeah, Slim's closed down. In a normal world, that would have been the most bummer thing to have happened last week. I use that term "normal world" loosely because who even remembers what that looks like anymore (Looks into camera, shrugs a la Jim from The Office)? But I think it's important we remember the good times. In times like this, it helps to remember what we're fighting for! And also I got some time to kill while hanging inside. So without further ado, I'll be sharing a few stories from Slim's over the years, along with [...]

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Video Interview: San Antonio's Girl in a Coma at Fun Fun Fun Fest, playing Regency Ballroom with Minus the Bear and Cursive on 11/13/12

While I was down at Fun Fun Fun Fest in Austin, I caught up with San Antonio's Girl in a Coma. We talked about the festival, the trio's current tour with Minus the Bear and Cursive, and why they're so stoked for their gig at San Francisco's Regency Ballroom on November 13th. Check out the interview, above. Here's Girl in a Coma covering "Heatwave", the classic tune by Martha and the Vandellas: Minus the Bear, Cursive, Girl in a Coma The Regency Ballroom November 13, 2012 8:00pm, $25

Noise Pop 2012: Cursive with Ume, Virgin Islands, Taxes @ Great American Music Hall 2/22/12

As a sort of bandwagon Cursive fan — I've only given their 2009 release Mama, I'm Swollen a proper listen — I was a little hesitant reviewing this show. It felt like I was going in blind, especially considering the lineup included three opening bands, all of whom I'd never heard before. To make matters worse, I was attending by myself. By the end of the show — and my first experience with the cathartic, fist-in-the-air sing alongs Cursive do so well — it felt like I'd been through a potent group therapy session. Things started a little stiff but [...]

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First set of Noise Pop 2012 performers announced: Cursive, Archers of Loaf, Built to Spill and more

2012 marks the twentieth anniversary of the Noise Pop Festival, an achievement that's a testament to the fest's consistently strong offerings every year. In the milestone spirit, the early lineup for the 2012 fest -- which runs from February 21st through the 26th -- feature a number of Noise Pop veterans, including Cursive, Imperial Teen, and Archers of Loaf, the last of whom performed way back at Noise Pop #5. At the same time, there is plenty of newer blood named too; count me particularly excited for Veronica Falls, whose last SF outing was canceled due to visa problems, and [...]

Show Review: Cursive @ GAMH on 6/27

Photos by Ashley Matheson It couldn't have been set up any better, the Great American Music Hall as the background to a night laden with blaring trumpet, ecstatic guitar chords, and harmoniously flailing vocals. For three hours I was given the privilege of experiencing firsthand, the power of Cursive, Mt. Saint Helens Vietnam Band, and unfortunately only the last bit of Box Elders' set. Mt. Saint Helens gave a tightly woven performance at a bargain price. Frontman Benjamin's bushy hair and guitar shredding gave the band the quality of madmen, jumping from quick poppy guitar licks to toned down ballads [...]

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Cursive returns to SF with Mama, I’m Swollen

Cursive - "Mama, I'm Swollen" The boys of Cursive have made a comfortable name for themselves as a sophisticated and intelligent group of musicians and lyricists, a reputation that reaches its pinnacle on the group's newest album, Mama, I'm Swollen, released in March by Saddle Creek. The band will be playing at the Great American Music Hall on Saturday the 27th. Tim Kasher possesses a talent for storytelling, through which he offers an intimate attempt to make sense of life's bigger picture. The search for life's meaning undoubtedly influences all music and art, but Cursive seems to offer [...]

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