Creepers (Deafheaven, White Cloud) and Glitter Wizard play The Knockout tonight, 8/8/13

The heavy psych project from members of White Cloud and Deafheaven, calling themselves Creepers, plays tonight at the Knockout. Last week they celebrated the release of their new 7" split with Buffalo Tooth on Under the Gun Records. Memory Fog by Creepers Creepers plays with female heavy garage band from San Diego, Wild Honey, and San Francisco's premiere psych outfit Glitter Wizard. Glitter Wizard, Creepers, Wild Honey The Knockout August 8, 2013 10pm, $7

Five bucks will get you a whole lotta rock at the Elbo Room on 8/27/12

For the low, low price of just $5 you can catch Clipd Beaks, Creepers, Feral Kizzy (making the trek up from LA), and Disappearing People at the Elbo Room on August 27, 2012. That's a-buck-twenty-five per band. You can't beat these prices! Here's the video for Clipd Beaks' "World Exhaust", a track on their most recent album, WAKE. The dudes in Clipd Beaks once described WAKE as the Super Mario Bros. 2 of their ouvre, and I once failed to figure out what the hell that means. Here's a video of Creepers playing their song "Black Moon" in a bedroom: [...]

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Video: Creepers – "Black Moon"

Creepers - Black Moon from Chris Willmore on Vimeo. Creepers (featuring members of White Cloud) have released a new HD video of the band performing the song "Black Moon" in a living room. Compared to the band's three-track EP released in July, "Black Moon" is a lighter, more nimble version of their earlier prog-metal style. Fitting the song's bright sound, the video includes a projector coloring the room with washed out reds and greens. E.P. by CREEPERS

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