Credit Electric’s record release show at the Uptown

Credit Electric, the Oakland-based psych-Americana band is set to release their new self-released, self-titled LP, Credit Electric, and we are pleased with what our ol’ ears have found. If you’re not into steel guitar, this may not be the record for you. And if you are? You’ll find yourself right at home in these sweet syrupy tunes. Evan Hiller’s steel guitar work brings these songs into spacey realms that take the record beyond the world of genres. Its psych rock meets country, it’s cosmic heart string pullin’ and the lyrics are sad and lovely, delivered quite kindly by vocalist Ryan [...]

Video Premiere: Credit Electric’s “Lightning Written Down”

Peaceful easy feeling / No need to say goodbye We’re pleased we got our hands on the latest from Oakland’s Credit Electric. The tracks on forthcoming EP Easy Moon have a less poppy Americana feel than last fall’s EP, Red Glow (both mastered at Doc Boyd Audio). Easy Moon has more of a Crosby, Stills & Nash vibe and a touch of early Fleetwood Mac, those vocals like Stuart Murdoch (Belle and Sebastian) and guitar solos with a little extra California psych-rock feel. Check out their video for “Lightning Written Down” (video by Laura Kiernan) for some Northern California exposure [...]

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