Cassette Store Day 2015 is this Saturday

As you may have noticed, cassettes are back. Burger Records are a major figure in indie and garage rock scene right now, while also truly being a cassette label. They've released cassettes by Jenny Lewis to  Soko to Dancer. Burger even has their own mini subsidiary label called Weiner Records, in which bands can pay for the design, press, master, and distribution of their tapes. And Saturday, they have Cassette Store Day. Recently there was even an article via NBC news about the "old cassette's comeback" (in which you can spot some great indie bands' tapes being manufactured at National Audio Co). Right [...]

Review & Photos: The Chuckleberries, Courtney & the Crushers @ The Night Light, 8/27/13

Dave Chuckleberry In these difficult times, without so much as a bridge to cross, when something as important as the Lusty Lady can't even survive, well...The Chuckleberries are just what we need. The members are long time rock and roll royalty. Singer/drummer Russell Quan is perhaps most famous for his work with The Mummies (formed in 1988), but he also rocks with his long-haired, vest-wearin' Deutschband The Dukes of Hamburg. He is also often spotted around town doing his fabulous DJ thing, or simply bouncing about at live shows. Killer guitarist Jay Rosen appears alongside Klaus Flouride when backing up the Legendary [...]

Review & Photos: Temescal Street Cinema returns with Will Sprott! PLUS Guantanamo Baywatch, Chuckleberries and Courtney & the Crushers at the White Horse AND the art of Max Nordile 6/14/12

Portland's Guantanamo Baywatch closed out a perfectly orchestrated Thursday evening in Berkeley. It all began at 8pm, opening night of Temescal Street Cinema, where Will Sprott played a soulful set to a crowd of unprepared film buffs. The set woulda sounded just right in a smoky little night club circa 1959, but it sounded pretty damn good on Telegraph Ave. Although Will's band The Mumlers are awful quiet lately, Will is playin' around town fairly regularly. He will be in SF on June 21st for BAMM TV. It's free but you should RSVP here. August 20th he plays the Redwood [...]

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