Review + Photos: Copeland at Slim’s

Copeland (photo: Patric Carver) In Florida, the border between civilized and wild territories is often imaginary. Concrete jungles mask a hidden sampling of flora and fauna, with herons and egrets commonly strolling across parking lots to get to the next irrigation ditch that is assuredly teeming with insects, and perhaps fish or turtles, for them to feast upon. Overhead, an osprey or hawk is never far from view, circling in their perpetual hunt. Likewise, Florida natives Copeland challenge the border between tame and untamed. Touring in support of their album Blushing, they played to a packed house of eager fans [...]

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Photos: A new take from Copeland at Great American Music Hall

Copeland (photo: Patric Carver) Last Sunday night, November 20, 2016, saw rock band Copeland perform at the Great American Music Hall. The band is currently on tour with Rae Cassidy, a featured vocalist on their album You Are My Sunshine, and a live string section. Our photographer Patric Carver has a selection of photos from the night of music that you can enjoy below.

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