Review: A cluster of lists about Clusterfest

T.J. Miller (photo: Jon Bauer) It may not be clear, but I actually really like to laugh. I am not always crying. I am usually pretending I am not sad, just making really bad jokes and laughing at myself. I watch a lot of TV too and throughout it all Comedy Central has always been there for me. I am the youngest of three, and the older two are 7 and 12 year older than me and men. My 7-years-older brother actually had a lil’ phase where he wanted to be a comedian, so my whole youth was classic comedies [...]

Photos: The inaugural Colossal Clusterfest 2017

Princess (photo: Jon Bauer) An amalgam of comedy, music, art, and performance that was unlike many of the usual festivals in the city, the very first Comedy Central Colosssal Clusterfest took over San Francisco for three days. It's difficult to fully detail every artist there, but it ranged from giants like Jerry Seinfeld, Bill Burr, Fred Armisen and Ice Cube to quickly-rising acts like Hannibal Buress, Vince Staples, Lizzo and many, many more. Let the photos speak for themselves and check out the incredible gallery below of the wide range of arts, comedy and music on display by our own [...]

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