Cloakroom measure new phases with ‘Time Well’

Press photo by Colin May Words by Jordan Martich In an age of excessive commodity, anything crafted by hand glows with authenticity. Established in our clothing, furniture and artwork are the hours of meticulous design and the labor of execution, investments familiar to the Indiana band Cloakroom. This year, the trio continue to blend the meatier parts of shoegaze and the emotional moments of metal into Time Well, their latest release on Relapse Records. This album is a collapsing star, a cluster of time and energy burst out over the course of 10 songs. “I want to create [...]

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Cloakroom, Nothing, Tony Molina to play Oakland Metro next week

Next week, the East Bay will be blessed with a rare appearance from Indiana's Cloakroom, a trio whose dense, stony emo turned heads with this year's Further Out. I can't deny it, I seriously love this band. From the baritone, Morrissey-esque vocals to the massive drumming - just listen to the single “Starchild Skull” for a full dose of their fresh slow-core. They'll be making their way out here with Philadelphia's Nothing, who play a brand of shoegaze that hints at its creators hardcore punk pasts; a type of vicious, dreamy grunge, who's bite is occasionally lost in cascades of reverb. Joining the [...]

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