Clams Casino releases second 'Instrumentals' mixtape

Ten years after America's abysmal failure to mesh rap and rock at the turn of the millennium, it seems that the cultures of hip-hop and indie rock have been finding surprising and tasteful ways to intersect. Examples abound — from the superficial (fashion) to the more substantive (cross-genre collaborations). One such example of this trend can be found in the beat making of New Jersey native Mike Volpe. Better known by stage name, Clams Casino, Volpe builds tracks that nod to the chillwave craze of 2010 and could almost pass as experimental downtempo electronic dance music or trip hop if [...]

Tri-Angle Records tour coming to 103 Harriet: oOoOO (live debut), Water Borders, White Ring and more

oOoOO - "Hearts" Water Borders – “What Wiwant” Call the music witch house, drag, or just experimental electronica, Tri-Angle Records has been at the center of a movement that's gained a lot of acclaim, and the label's artists are joining together for the "There’s Only One Angel in Heaven" tour. The tour comes to 103 Harriet on August 19th ($15, 10pm), with live sets from SF's oOoOO, Water Borders, and D33j, as well as White Ring, Clams Casino, Shlohmo, and Babe Rainbow. Making the night extra special, it's oOoOO's live debut. Listen to music from all of the performers above [...]

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