Behind the Music: How local musicians are paying the bills (part five)

The road may be narrow, but with purpose-driven passion, discomfort in mediocrity, and honing in on what makes you you, it is possible to discover. The road I speak of, of course, is the widely missed, yet highly sought alternative path that leads to deep-found satisfaction in both work and play. Not fame, not the Benjamins (though those may be a natural byproduct), but contentment. I am convinced, after speaking to these musicians, that one truly can simultaneously love one's work and craft. And further, they can live in symbiosis, fueling and inspiring the other. As I continue my quest to find [...]

Citabria premieres live video of “In Your Eyes”

San Jose-based Citabria has come a long way since the release of their last album Exit Reality - from opening for bands like P.O.D. to getting consistent play on Live 105's Soundcheck with their single "The Animal" and even performing at the Santa Cruz Music Festival. Among these accolades include playing a show at The Ritz in San Jose, where they also got a chance to record a live version of their song "In Your Eyes". The song is an electronic, alt-rock ballad that is intense and electrifying. An audio version is available for free download. You can check out the [...]

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