Springsteen plus Speedwagon equals Cigarettes After Sex

Words by Erin Lyndal Martin Let’s face it, YouTube is full of pet raccoons and makeup tutorials. It’s not the sort of landscape where you’d expect a band steeped in ambient music, earnest love stories, and androgynous vocals to take off. But that’s what happened for Cigarettes After Sex, and their frontman Greg Gonzalez can’t say why, either. He can’t tell himself why it worked, and he certainly can’t tell other artists who ask for advice. “When we first got known, people were asking like, ‘Oh, did you promote it on YouTube? And how much did you pay?’ I was [...]

Photos: Cigarettes After Sex at the Fillmore

Cigarettes After Sex (photo: Jon Bauer) Ambient pop band Cigarettes After Sex performed at the Fillmore last Thursday, April 26, 2018. The shoegaze band only have one album and an EP out and gave a very soothing set to the audience, playing choice selections from both releases as well as a cover of REO Speedwagon's "Keep On Loving You." Check out the gallery below by our own Jon Bauer.

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