Total Trash 2014 revealed

Hunx & his Punx (with Shannon of the Clams) at Burger Boogaloo 2012 Sure you gotsta see Bonnie "Prince" Billy in Golden Gate Park this weekend but then what?! It's still 168 shopping days until SXSW. Good news – Total Trash is on the way. From The Creator of the Burger Boogaloo comes the red (and green) headed stepchild. Total Trash IS the primordial sludge from which emerges thee best in rock 'n' roll. If you can handle it... But don't take my word for it. Here it is right from the mouth of The Creator: This rock and roll [...]

Review & Photos: Man or Astro-man?, Terry Malts, Chuckleberries @ Bimbo's, 5/11/13

Stardate 1993, planet 'aLaBaMa', Man or Astro-man? are born. 2013, flying via rental ship (their rocket ship broke down somewhere about 1/2 way to LA), they land 60 Earth minutes late at Bimbos 365. In decent English they report great losses of equipment in the aftermath, yet it didn't stop them from lighting a theremin on fire. At 24 hundred hours, the drummer celebrates his birth. The crowd attempts to teach traditional ballad, "Happy Birthday." Drummer - unimpressed. Local aliens Terry Malts held the middle spot of the voyage. The set begins with "Nauseous" and the sing along chorus of [...]

On the road (to SXSW) with Guantanamo Baywatch, Courtney n' the Crushers, Chuckleberries @ The Stork Club, 3/7/13

I arrived at 10pm and the Thursday night show hadn't yet started. The doorman took my camera, to check the bag I assumed. Instead he pulled out a hammer and smashed it to bits. Another $2k down the drain. I resisted the urge to pummel him -- I couldn't risk missing this show. This was the first night of the tour for Portland's fabulous Guantanamo Baywatch and Chevelle's hair was purple. Maybe she is a natural purple. I whipped out my shitty camera phone. The Stork Club drew an impressive weeknight crowd. The Dead Kennedys' Klaus Flouride was in the [...]

Review & Photos: Temescal Street Cinema returns with Will Sprott! PLUS Guantanamo Baywatch, Chuckleberries and Courtney & the Crushers at the White Horse AND the art of Max Nordile 6/14/12

Portland's Guantanamo Baywatch closed out a perfectly orchestrated Thursday evening in Berkeley. It all began at 8pm, opening night of Temescal Street Cinema, where Will Sprott played a soulful set to a crowd of unprepared film buffs. The set woulda sounded just right in a smoky little night club circa 1959, but it sounded pretty damn good on Telegraph Ave. Although Will's band The Mumlers are awful quiet lately, Will is playin' around town fairly regularly. He will be in SF on June 21st for BAMM TV. It's free but you should RSVP here. August 20th he plays the Redwood [...]

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