Mixtape: Diving into San Francisco Bay Area Electronic Music (Podcast #315)

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Electronic_Mix_2013.mp3 Download: Mixtape: Diving into San Francisco Bay Area Electronic Music (Podcast #315) As we've documented before on the podcast, the Bay Area has, for years, hosted a vibrant scene of electronic music producers. But while we've primarily focused our coverage on electronic music's pop side, SF is also home to a variety of innovative, compelling house and techno producers. In addition to the large crop of talented artists, there are significant event producers like Push the Feeling, the influential monthly that has hosted (and, indeed, drawn our attention to) many of the artists in this mix, as well as [...]

Chrome Canyon, Peanut Butter Wolf, Jonas Reinhardt, Shock, Chautauqua at Mezzanine this Friday, 2/22/13

Fire up the lasers, Chrome Canyon is coming to Mezzanine. New York synth artist Morgan Z – the man behind Chrome Canyon – will headline the electronic dance party on Friday, February 22 with support from local artists including Peanut Butter Wolf, Jonas Reinhardt, Shock, and Chautauqua. Last year, Morgan released his first full-length album as Chrome Canyon, Elemental Themes, via Stones Throw Records. The solo composer produces spacey synth epics reminiscent of '80s sci-fi soundtracks (think Gatekeeper, only less menacing), and Chrome Canyon's live sets are also known for incorporating stellar light shows. Listen to "Generations" off Elemental Themes, [...]

Interview & Giveaway: Voltaire Records' Randy Ellis on his label's upcoming releases, hosting Chrome Canyon and Peanut Butter Wolf at Mezzanine, 2/22/13

San Francisco's Voltaire Records is throwing one hell of a show on February 22 at Mezzanine, with none other than "chameleon-like" DJ Peanut Butter Wolf opening up for space funk maestro Chrome Canyon. Voltaire founder Randy Ellis, whose label has put out albums by Tussle, Loose Shus, and a bevy of other danceable, electro, krautrock, and analog synth-based bands, has been promoting shows here in SF for the past few years. Next Friday's gig at Mezzanine, which also features performances by Jonas Reinhardt, Shock, and Chautauqua, is Voltaire's first of 2013, and then Ellis heads down to L.A. to host [...]

Chautauqua EP out on Voltaire Records, DJ set at Push the Feeling

Chautauqua is the brand new electro collaboration project of Loose Shus (Daze Luzius) and Randy Ellis, the co-founder of San Francisco label Voltaire Records. Chautauqua's remarkable self-titled debut EP was released in May. As described by Voltaire Records, "The EP contains elements of The Drive Soundtrack, Steve Roach, Tangerine Dream, Art of Noise, Cocteau Twins, and modern acts like Austra, Grimes, Umberto and Gatekeeper." The set includes the single "Suspended Animation," which features guitar work from Dan Judd (Sorcerer). Chautauqua - "Suspended Animation" (via XLR8R) The EP is comprised of four solid tracks of cosmic synth-funk, dipping its paws in [...]

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