Interview: Charlie Megira concludes his first US tour in SF

Charlie Megira at Austin Psych Fest, 5/4/14 (photo courtesy of indierockgirl) Charlie Megira's long-awaited, first-ever US tour is coming to a close.  Before he heads home to Berlin, Tel Aviv or Mars, catch him Tuesday, May 13th, in Oakland at The Church (7pm, early show, 24th and Linden, with King Lollipop and Penny Machine) and Wednesday May 14th at the Make Out Room (6pm, early show, with Pre-legendary and Pleasure Gallows). Charlie Megira at Vacation, 4/28/14 Megira started his tour right here in SF at Vacation on April 28th.  Although it was the first night of the tour with little rehearsal [...]

Video: Elvis is NOT Dead!

Oakland's very own Guitars & Bongos Records proudly announces the new video for "Elvis is Not Dead" from Charlie Megira & The Modern Dance Club. The double album Love Police, was mastered by Greg Ashley, and is a rollicking good time full of surf, punk, sex and slime. Don't take my word for it. Check out this elegantly written review on Lo-Pie. The video was also recently featured on Impose! Sweet. Buy the record now directly from Guitars & Bongos!

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