Live This Month: January 2015 — an audio guide to upcoming SF concerts Download: Live This Month: January 2015 (Podcast #354) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. If you haven't adopted too many resolutions, consider adding this one to whatever you've already got lined up: resolve to go see more live music in 2015! As this month's podcast shows, January offers plenty of killer concert offerings, including a number of local bands with new albums. Tiaras is comprised of former members of stellar groups Ganglians and Blasted Canyons -- the new band isn't [...]

Chain and the Gang, The Strange Boys, Ty Segall, Nodzzz @ Elbo Room, 2/27

Review and Photos by MikeyMike The Elbo Room brought out quite a lineup this past Saturday with local heroes Nodzzz and Ty Segall plus imports The Strange Boys (Austin, Texas), and Chain and the Gang (D.C.). Although this took place during Noise Pop, this was definitely not Noise Pop. Gone were the young ladies doling out Noise Pop propaganda, gone were the banners of hip kids sucking soda pop with straws. Instead, there was a tense mayhem in the air. The packed room revealed none of the usual findings -- heads bobbing in place, space-sensitive moshing -- replaced by shouts [...]

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