Live This Month: February 2017 — an audio guide to upcoming Bay Area concerts Download: Live This Month: February 2017 (Podcast #401) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. The Noise Pop Festival turns 25 this month, which is the sort of anniversary that would make this year's fest noteworthy even if it somehow didn't include a top-notch of array of local and touring artists. But as shown by the six festival bands included in this mix -- Weyes Blood, This Will Destroy You, Uniform, Clipping., No Vacation, and Creeper Lagoon -- Noise Pop 2017 [...]

Death Records to hold inaugural DEATHSTOCK, a three-day festival in Guerneville this June

If the name didn't already hint at it, DEATHSTOCK isn't a festival for the weak-hearted. To celebrate the first year anniversary of San Francisco-based Death Records' existence, DEATHSTOCK brings together more than 25 bands (on three stages) north of San Francisco in Guerneville, CA, from June 26 to June 28. Featuring a lineup of scuzzy punk acts like Terry Malts and CCR Headcleaner, lo-fi rockers like The Mantles and more dreamier, pop numbers like Death Records' own Tiaras, the festival will play host to a slew of eclectic local acts over a three-day music binge. And although it's in its first year, it's already a [...]

Wand playing Bottom of the Hill with CCR Headcleaner

(photo: Justin Tenney) LA garage-rockers Wand are coming to Bottom of the Hill on April 15 to headline an all ages gig with The Strange Land and CCR Headcleaner. Wand's new LP, Golem, was released in March via In The Red Records. The album, engineered by Chris Woodhouse and assisted by Bob Marshall, was mixed (with Wand) and recorded by Woodhouse at The Dock in Sacramento. If you're familiar with Woodhouse's prolific resume as mixer/engineer (see Ty Segall, Thee Oh Sees, et al), you already know what you're in for without hearing a single note on Wand's new album. With [...]

Deathstock Fest coming to Guerneville in June

There was Woodstock ’69, Woodstock ’94 and ’99 (yikes), and now, on a completely new note, there’s Deathstock. SF label Death Records is celebrating their one year anniversary how? With a full blown two-day music festival campout in the woods - duh! The lineup is already partially announced, including many Death Records roster artists like Smiles, Air Surgeon, Tiaras, Teenage Chain, The Strange Land, and Cole Lodge, making it a truly local affair. Friends of the label like Tomorrows Tulips, Danny James, CCR Headcleaner, Part/Human, and label head Brian Wakefield’s own band Emotional are the other additions to the bill [...]

CCR Headcleaner, Skate Laws, and Bicycle Day: A Noise Pop happy hour recap

Photos by Jon Ching There’s something incredibly comforting about Benders: a dive on the corner of 19th and South Van Ness the bar is a host to a multitude of late night debauchery and live music. As five o’ clock rolled around, the bar remained mellow as members of Bicycle Day, Skate Laws, and CCR Headcleaner prepared themselves for the Noise Pop Jameson and Gibbsmo happy hour. Bicycle Day took the stage first to a crowd who was mostly preoccupied with feasting on Bender’s famous burgers and tater tots. However, despite the lack of complete audience engagement they delivered a [...]

FUZZ and CCR Headcleaner release new split seven-inch

In the newest edition of Famous Class Records’ “Less Artists More Condos”  7” split series, the label brings #10 with San Francisco groups FUZZ (which includes former Bay Area garage rocker Ty Segall) and CCR Headcleaner, the psych sludge band that is currently tearing up the scene. In an unorthodox move, FUZZ covers The Kinks’ “Till The End Of The Day” in their normal (but abnormal for The Kinks) stoner-garage-rock style. The song takes the same melodic stance as the original version, but combines it with Segall’s screeching, reverbed vocals. They even incorporate an insane guitar solo in the middle [...]

Review & Photos: Parquet Courts, White Fence, CCR Headcleaner @ Great American Music Hall, 1/16/14

Photos by: Ryan McDonald Last night's sold-out Parquet Courts/White Fence show at Great American Music Hall is the kind of lineup that builds great expectations. And yet, throughout the sometimes plodding, sometimes exciting show, neither band seemed to be able to harness much of the high-level artistry that pushes great bands beyond the acceptable ordinary. Opener CCR Headcleaner might have come closest despite playing for a room filled to 10% of its capacity. Knowing little about the band before the show (except seeing their name frequently plastered on show flyers across the Bay Area), CCR threw down some serious sludge [...]

Best of 2013: Anthony Bedard on CCR Headcleaner

CCR Headcleaner live at Hemlock Tavern, Sept. 19th, 2013. Photo by Chris Anderson. I'd seen CCR Headcleaner several times before, usually an entertaining mess of fucked-up rock racket that emerged from the ashes of a Georgia band I liked called Long Legged Woman. But at their Hemlock show opening for Human Eye back in September, CCR somehow transmuted themselves from an unevenly good local band into a marauding gang of Scanners-style head-exploder telepaths and delivered a defining, transcendent, next-level performance. CCR's hypnotic and malevolent psychedelia wasn't faux-fun party-psych or disingenuously mellow Zen Center nature psych—it was more of a Jim [...]

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Mixtape: Bay Area Jams to Accompany Beer Drinking (Podcast #320) Download: Mixtape: Bay Area Jams to Accompany Beer Drinking (Podcast #320) As we've long said, we're love great beer almost as much as we love great music. Combine the two, and you've got a recipe for a good time. This mixtape is something of a successor to our 2011 rock and beer pairing, collecting a whole mess of local rock and roll bands that sound great when paired with a tasty pint. The mix features music from 20 Bay Area bands, including garage nuggets from Shannon and the Clams and Warm Soda, hard rock jams courtesy of FUZZ and [...]

CCR Headcleaner releases debut LP

It’s not an unpredictable occurrence that somewhere along the line of garage rock revival, the fuzz genre would mate with psychedelia. From there the diehards and grunge heads would search for a more cacophonous marriage of the two, and CCR Headcleaner would eventually emerge with their debut LP Lace the Earth With Arms Wide Open via Pizza Burglar Records. Of course, CCR Headcleaner is no new comer to the San Francisco rock scene - they’ve been tearing up stages around the city with their shamelessly loud sets for three years, meanwhile periodically releasing tracks on Gnar Tapes. The sheer volume [...]

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