Sawyer Gebauer: The voice behind Catch Prichard

Words by Michelle Kicherer “People email me, say, ‘Hey Catch,’ because they think it’s me but it’s not. But hey that’s why I like it —is it a person? Is it, go catch this person named Prichard? It doesn’t really mean anything but most importantly — and what I want everyone to know — it’s everyone involved in the project. Whether you’re a manager, engineer, musician, you are part of Catch.” Sawyer Gebauer has been writing and performing music since he was a teenager. At 19 he moved to Sweden, where he spent five years working on a farm through [...]

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Mixtape: New Folk Music from the Bay Area

This episode first ran on Download: Mixtape: New Folk Music from the Bay Area (Podcast #423) In venues around the Bay Area, like The Lost Church, Neck of the Woods, and the Octopus Literary Salon, Bay Area musicians are sharing new and exciting folk songs, emotive compositions full of lyrical storytelling and thoughtful instrumentation. The stories shared by local folk artists are often personal, like Diana Gameros' new album interpreting Mexican songs from her youth, or Joseph Childress's LP drawing from his travels around the western United States. Marissa Kay was inspired to write the first song and title [...]

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