Cassette Store Day 2015 is this Saturday

As you may have noticed, cassettes are back. Burger Records are a major figure in indie and garage rock scene right now, while also truly being a cassette label. They've released cassettes by Jenny Lewis to  Soko to Dancer. Burger even has their own mini subsidiary label called Weiner Records, in which bands can pay for the design, press, master, and distribution of their tapes. And Saturday, they have Cassette Store Day. Recently there was even an article via NBC news about the "old cassette's comeback" (in which you can spot some great indie bands' tapes being manufactured at National Audio Co). Right [...]

Spencer Owen covers Eno for Cassette Store Day release

In 2007, Oakland's Spencer Owen had a Christmas holiday with nothing but an empty house to record whenever he wanted. To pass the time, he decided to record a cover version of Brian Eno's Another Green World that he calls Denotation. Owen explains his recording process: I think 'Another Green World' is flawless and Eno's finest work, but in keeping with the Eno spirit, I feel that part of its excellence is in its openness of practice and interpret-ability, just as one finds in his Oblique Strategies (which I used a bit to help make 'Denotation'). I covered every track [...]

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