Who to See at C2SV

Are you ready, South Bay? Thursday marks the kickoff of C2SV, San Jose’s first real music festival in recent memory. Hosting over 70 acts across 12 venues in the downtown area, stretched out across four days, there’s a lot of ground to cover. Stumped on who to see? In no particular order, here are our picks for best bets at what we hope will be the first of many C2SVs to come. Brother Grand, Saturday,September 28th, 9pm, Agenda Ben Henderson, and the many projects he’s taken part in, is a little bit of a legend around San Jose. His latest [...]

Art Boutiki brings back rock shows with Picture Atlantic, Cartoon Bar Fight 6/29/13

After taking a break to set up shop in their new home on Race Street, the beloved Art Boutiki will start hosting rock shows again. Starting with Picture Atlantic, Cartoon Bar Fight and Cold Eskimo on the 29th, fans can expect upcoming shows from more Bay Area acts like Bonnie and the Bang Bang and Koruscant Weekend, with many more to come. The bands scheduled to re-open regular rock shows at the Boutiki are all locals: both Cartoon Bar Fight and Picture Atlantic, two San Jose bands, recently wrapped California tours. Cold Eskimo hails from our neighbor-to-the-northeast Sacramento. Picture Atlantic, [...]

Cartoon Bar Fight launch Bay Area tour

San Jose’s Cartoon Bar Fight will depart for a teeny tiny tour next week. Spanning just over a week, the eerie pop band will hit usual haunts like San Francisco, but also make more out-of-the-way stops in places like Hayward and Santa Cruz. The band will use the tour as a place to premiere tracks from their upcoming concept album, due later this year. They’ll also be teaming up with a star-studded roster of Bay Area up-and-comers (or already-there-ers), including Manzanita Falls, The Y Axes, Piranha Party! and more. See below for the full schedule. Reincarnate by Cartoon Bar Fight [...]

Mini-Playlist: 5 Local Acts to See at Rockage

Going to Rockage2.0? Of course you are. (You are, right?). While it’s mostly a celebration of video-game-geekery in all its glory, Rockage also serves as a sneaky way to introduce those who came to game to some badass local bands as well. If you’re heading down south next weekend, here are the Bay Area bands you need to see. FRIDAY, 2/8/13 Curious Quail, San Jose: Personally, we can’t think of a more appropriate band to play such an event. Curious Quail build their sound off of a dreamy foundation of bleeps, bloops and other electronic noises. They’ll be appearing as [...]

Cartoon Bar Fight announce 2013 west coast tour

Though they’ve been around for a while now, 2012’s been a big year for San Jose’s Cartoon Bar Fight. With the release of Reincarnate just last month and the press comin’ a-knockin, Cartoon Bar Fight will embark on a month-long tour California in the new year. The tour features a ton of Bay Area dates, including San Jose, Santa Cruz, Berkeley, Santa Rosa, Cupertino and San Francisco. No matter where you are, you’ve no excuse to miss these up-and-comers. View the full set of dates here and listen to “Reincarnate,” the title track off their new record, below. CBF will [...]

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