Best of 2013: Jody Amable on the Best New Venue, San Jose's Café Stritch

Since forever and ever (and ever), South Bay music fans looking for something to do on the weekend have shared a common complaint: "There's no good music in San Jose." And you know what? For a long time, they were right. Aside from performing arts centers, some restaurants that let cover bands play every once in a while, and other trappings of suburbs that want to convince outsiders that they are cultural destinations, San Jose has had hardly anything substantial to offer the country’s – even the Bay Area’s – musical landscape for who knows how long. It’s not for [...]

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Q&A: Maxwell Borkenhagen, Cafe Stritch – San Jose's newest home for live music

As the guitarist for Ugly Winner by night and General Manager for Cafe Stritch by day, Maxwell Borkenhagen seems like he’d probably be a pretty busy guy. When I met with him on a Thursday evening last week to talk a little bit about Café Stritch and its already-impressive trajectory, I’m reminded of that. When I find him, he’s just getting started on a cigarette on the street outside the café – just barely in compliance with San Jose’s outdoor smoking ordinance. I apologize for being late. "It's a good thing you were," he says. "We just had a huge [...]

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