Burger Boogaloo adds Redd Kross (and more) to lineup, announces night shows!

Fresh off their announcement of the stellar initial lineup of the annual Burger Boogaloo, our friends from Total Trash Productions are back with more great additions to the festival, which takes place July 1 and 2 and Oakland's Mosswood Park. Joining Iggy Pop, host John Waters, Buzzcocks, X, NRBQ, (and a hell of a lot more), are Redd Kross, Losin' Streaks, the freshly reunited FM Knives, Patsy's Rats, and Vertigo! Redd Kross actually performed at the very first Boogaloo, and their triumphant return will be sure to glam up this year's edition. VIP tickets are sold out, but 2-day and [...]

Exclusive: The Burger Boogaloo 2017 lineup

You heard it here first. These ain't no alternative facts. These are thee facts, Jack. FACT: Iggy Pop and Buzzcocks will perform for the first time ever in Oakland's beautiful Mosswood Park for this year's Burger Boogaloo. Either one of these bands would be reason enough to drive down from Vallejo, but to have both together...sheeeet. FACT: Saturday July 1st line up: Iggy Pop, Guitar Wolf, NoBunny, Baby Shakes, Bloodshot Bill, Personal & The Pizzas, Wounded Lion & Car Crash! FACT: Sunday July 2nd line up: Buzzcocks, X, NRBQ, Roy Loney (Flamin' Groovies), Shannon & The Clams, Quintron & Ms. [...]

Buzzcocks drop album on 1-2-3-4 Go!, new video for “It’s Not You”

My first exposure to Buzzcocks – the English punk band that rose to prominence in the late-'70s before disbanding in 1981, only to reunite eight years later – was in 2003 when they opened for Pearl Jam on the Seattleites' Riot Act tour.1 They were playing about 45 minutes outside of Boston in Mansfield, Massachusetts at a soulless open-air shed (sorry, amphitheater) once known as Great Woods, at the time the Tweeter Center, and now the Xfinity Center (hooray, corporate branding!), and I'm not going to mince words: there is no worse place in the world to see a punk [...]

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The hits kept coming: Buzzcocks shine at Slim’s

Steve Diggle Music snobs talk of 'Best Of' records with disdain.  There is something to it.  But at this point, if you don't have some Buzzcocks in your collection, you are in luck.  The #1 greatest 'Best Of" record is all you need to please your music snob friends.  But don't buy Singles Going Steady for them.  Fuck your friends.  Get a copy of Singles Going Steady because it is perfect.  It is there when you fall in love with the wrong person.  It is there when you realize your camera has no memory card and you have to use the iPhone you [...]

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Dr. Dog (and Monsanto) at Cal Day 4/21/12…… plus Buzzcocks 4/20/12!

It was the most beautiful day of the year; clear, sunny and warm. Dr. Dog played a great free show in front of the University Library on UC Berkeley's Memorial Glade as part of its annual Cal Day. They rocked through the catalog including multiple numbers from my favorite records We All Belong and Fate. Shucks, there was free root beer for cryin' out loud. What could possibly go wrong?! Then I strolled by this tiny sign. I had to read it a few times. Monsanto and UC have partnered to bring us toxic lawns?! Ee-gatz! It's one thing to [...]

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