Burner Herzog releases ‘Wonderful American’ on Death Records

Photo: Caroline Hamel According to legend, Burner Herzog was born under an Oakland new moon while Jasper Patrick Leach (Brasil and several others) was recording "Dark Places," a song on Burner Herzog's debut Wonderful American. After recording Brasil's At Paradise Park (twice), Leach had decided to return to home recording. "I became frustrated with the traditionally linear process of making rock records and realized I needed to rethink my approach," Leach explained over email. "Once I began to work in this new mode, the things that started coming out did not sound like Brasil songs." https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BBgjneEhq5c The work of Burner [...]

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Jasper Leach announces new project Burner Herzog, debuts “Dark Places”

Burner Herzog (Photo by Caroline Hamel) Bands with clever pun names are often hit or miss, but one of the most hilarious I've heard so far is a winner in both senses. Meet Burner Herzog, the new project of Oakland-based Jasper Leach, whom you may know as the front man of Brasil. This new venture, he says, is to help him "indulge [his] pop side." He officially released his debut single "Dark Places" on Monday, and boy, is it baroque pop excellence. Armed with a harpsichord and a couple friends adding vocals and hand claps, he explores influences in John Cale and Paul Simon's Graceland to make [...]

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