Sabertooth Zombie to release new EP at Thee Parkside Saturday night

Sabertooth Zombie is celebrating the release of their fourth and final installment to their Human Performance series of EPs this Saturday night at Thee Parkside. The EP displays their genre melting pot sound through 15 ferocious minutes: classic rock, sludgy metal, hardcore punk, even hints of blues and outlaw country – as long as it's loud, it works for these guys. Featuring Lemmy-like vocal growls, chugging guitar lines, and chunky drum grooves, the new release is a blistering hybrid of heaviness. They even manage to make a backing horn arrangement menacing on the mosh-pit-starter "Gardens of Loss." Now that's impressive. [...]

Buffalo Tooth release new LP Tuesday night at the Knockout

Say goodbye to 2014 in the loudest way possible: At a metal show. There's nothing like a good, soul-cleansing mosh pit to welcome the new year, and Buffalo Tooth will provide the necessary scuzzy riffs at their record release party Tuesday night.  An extra cause for celebration: The band's new LP Gardeners of the Devil's Lettuce is as awesome as you could surmise from the cheeky title.  The Motörhead-esque opener "Miss Molly" sets the tone of speed and fury, a blend of heaviness that not only recalls obvious NWOBHM references but also shades of The Misfits on "Snacktology" and the [...]

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Buffalo Tooth plays Commune with Commissure, Growwler

For its last San Francisco event of 2013, Commune is taking over Elbo Room tomorrow, November 13, and bringing a killer lineup to fill in the soundspace. Headlining the night will be the blues-savvy punk rockers of Buffalo Tooth, whose no-bullshit approach to music is nicely encapsulated in their most recent offering, "Shit Show," available on their limited edition Buffalo Tooth/Creepers 7" split. Also on the lineup is Commissure, an experimental rock band with an affinity for ambient bedroom tunes, and the rock/pop outfit Growwler, who won the 2013 Audience Favorite Award in San Francisco's epic Music Video Race for their "Shooter's Hill" music video. Directed [...]

Live This Month: June 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #307)

Live This Month: June 2013 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #307) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. A whole slew of great Bay Area bands are celebrating the release of new albums this month, and we've included songs from a number of them in this episode. As we say in the show, The Mantles have long been one of our favorite local bands, and early cuts from Long Enough To Leave indicate it's another winner from [...]

Photos: Buffalo Tooth, Uzi Rash, Poor Sons @ Elbo Room 06/13/12

It's no surprise that Eric Kang of Poor Sons is also in Buffalo Tooth, as the bands share the same basic premise: psych rock that eschews the tinny retro vibe, at least production-wise, and instead goes with a bassy, heavy sound. But at their Wednesday night headlining gig at Elbo Room, Buffalo Tooth were wearing their proto-metal influences a little more brazenly: I was hearing Motorhead, Blue Cheer, and Diamond Head — or more precisely, early Metallica covering Diamond Head, especially on the 7" cut "Only Son", which they busted out at the show. Only Son by Buffalo Tooth "Only [...]

Buffalo Tooth release debut 7", celebrate at Elbo Room

Buffalo Tooth is a new band featuring members of Poor Sons and Glitter Wizard. On June 13, 2012, the band is celebrating the release of their debut — a self-titled 7" out the same day on Archer's Guild — at The Elbo Room. The 7" consists of two scuzzy, bluesy garage punk tunes that sound retro without being just another throwback. These songs don't sound like they're from another era, they tap into some primordial psychedelic essence. It's the sound a bunch of punk kids would make if they were hopped up on Blue Cheer and acid while thrashing it [...]

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