Mixtape: New Releases from Some of the Bay Area’s Best Record Labels

http://media.libsyn.com/media/thebaybridged/Record_Labels_2016_Mixtape.mp3 Download: Mixtape: New Releases from Some of the Bay Area's Best Record Labels (Podcast #393) Support for this podcast is provided by Goldstar. Visit their web site at goldstar.com/thebaybridged The post first ran on KQED.org. A record label may not be a necessity for a musician in 2016, considering the remarkable ease with which anyone can record an album and put it out into the world, and its benefits may not be obvious to some, given the precarious state of the music industry as a whole. Still, amidst the sea of countless new releases every week, there's undeniable value [...]

King Rocker presents a double record-release show for Apache and BTs

The Mission used to be seedy. You could buy drugs and a switchblade and get into a lot of trouble without having to try very hard, and there was always a sense of danger and adventure that hung in the air on a hot summer night. As rock and roll bands become an endangered species and bars and venues are being replaced by reclaimed-wood cafes and gastropubs, King Rocker records are taking over The Make Out Room for a double record release party to give everyone a reminder of how much fun a sweaty Sunday night in the Mission could [...]

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