Review & Photos: Harlem, Hunx and His Punx, Bridez @ The Independent 6/29

Photos by Paige Parsons Bridez started the evening with a profane greeting that brought with it an ear-shattering brick wall of guitar. Their forte is grunged-up post-punk tunes. They are a four-piece with a dedicated keyboardist, but the guitar was so loud that you could rarely hear it; when you could, it really brought their sound together. Front woman Liza Thorn could be compared to any of the genre's powerful leading ladies, but bored. That may not sound like a compliment, but it is, and it really works. Hunx and His Punx are of course led by the mustached Hunx, [...]

Black Lips play GAMH tomorrow; support local record stores

The Black Lips are back in town performing at the Great American Music Hall tomorrow night with Flowers Forever and local act Bridez and this time your ticket will do more than just get you into the show. In an effort to support great local record stores, The Black Lips giving a bunch of Short Fuse 7”s to local record stores of the cities they're performing and offering the vinyl up to anyone who comes in AFTER the gig with a ticket stub. You can pick up your copy over at Amoeba SF starting Friday - I'd recommend doing it [...]

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