Preview: Quintessence–Combining the Arts

When music hits us, it affects virtually every part of our brain-- stimulating the frontal lobe all the way back to the cerebellum and everything in between. Our brains are musical, and it’s no wonder that translates to our bodies as well.  When we listen, we move. Or if you are, say, within the confines of the Muni or your local Safeway, you imagine movement. Or a reel, fictional or real, plays in your mind. Choreographer Khala Brannigan, the musicians of Brass Magic, videographer Peter Clark and four contemporary dancers seek to make the elements of the brain’s response to [...]

Great American Spirit Ball comes to Great American Music Hall

Wildly described as "a pageant of bizarre and the occasion to channel the spirit animal inside of us all" by Be Calm Honcho band member Shannon Harney, this Saturday at the Great American Music Hall will feature The Great American Spirit Hall, with Royal Jelly Jive, Be Calm Honcho, Rainbow Girls and Brass Magic. Brass Magic, probably best known as the band who plays at Madrone Art Bar every Tuesday in the city (and who I've admittedly dropped important plans to go check out) will be opening the night, bringing their big, hip-hop-rap-soul-infused dixieland jazz band sound to open the night. Rainbow [...]

Bows – “Everywhere”

Berkeley's Bows is the brainchild of Big Tree members Kaila McIntyre-Bader and Luke Bace. Bows started when Kaila broke both her elbows (hence the name) and started experimenting with sounds on the computer. Bace reproduced the sounds on his synths, and Bows was born. On "Everywhere", the duo teamed up with Brass Magic, who added a nice organic touch to the expansive electronic soundscape. Bows is currently recording their debut album, which they describe as a "full-length concept album about post-apocalyptic space travel, lost love, conspiracy, and adventure", and will be released in mid-2015.

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Oakland’s Bells Atlas headlines Rickshaw Stop

Afro-beat and hip-hop explorers Bells Atlas cannot stop moving up. Joyfully rhythmic and harmoniously diverse, the textured strangeness brings to mind Sylvan Esso or Dirty Projectors, but is still undeniably, purely unique. They're also cultivating a burgeoning music scene in the East Bay with non-market, a collective of bands (Trails and Ways, Waterstrider, The Seshen, and more) who jam together, play shows together, and put out really cool compilations together. Friday night Bells Atlas will be headlining San Francisco's Rickshaw Stop along with San Francisco indie-pop crooners Guy Fox, as well as Brass Magic who say they're influenced by "the garbage of Manhattan, [...]

Brass Magic – "Peacebone" (Animal Collective cover)

Brass Magic, as the name suggests, is a band of brass (and woodwind) instruments. However, they aren't what you'd typically expect from a brass band - this isn't New Orleans jazz, polka, or yet another incarnation of Bay Area chamber pop. Based on the few songs I've heard from Brass Magic, they strike me as a possible indie version of Brooklyn instrumentalists Budos Band. On their cover of "Peacebone" and their original "Brassno", you can tell Brass Magic doesn't use their six horns as a gimmick - they all can play, and their grooves quickly suck you in and make [...]

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