Botanist, Chasms, Foie Gras providing local talent at Elbo Room with Wallower

Local "green metal" pioneer the Botanist is bringing his unique vision to the Elbo Room stage this month, where he will be perfomring with Chasms, Wallower, and Foie Gras at Elbo Room on February 23. Botanist released VI: Flora last year on The Flenser, marking the latest chapter of his continuing saga which poetically details the demise of all mankind as flora and fauna, (namely plants), triumph over the Earth. Flora is the decidedly less misanthropic follow-up to 2013’s seething IV: Mandragora LP. As the colorful album art suggests, Flora provides a more accessible portal to "The Verdant Realm" where [...]

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Mixtape: The Heavy Sounds of San Francisco Metal Download: Mixtape: The Heavy Sounds of San Francisco Metal (Podcast #346) We don't cover San Francisco heavy metal very much at, but it's not for a lack of music worth talking about. For several decades now, the San Francisco Bay Area has played a significant role in the evolution and growth of heavy metal. Metallica might be the most obvious significant Bay Area metal name to the uninitiated, but, over the years, groups like Neurosis, Hammers of Misfortune, Slough Feg, Ludicra, and Sleep (to name just a few) have pushed heavy music forward in a variety of directions. [...]

Botanist announces new album, ‘VI: Flora’

Avant-garde metal outfit Botanist likes to tell stories with his albums, albeit very specific ones. VI: Flora is of course no different from his primary mission of crafting albums predicting the demise of humanity and the inevitable reclaiming of the planet by our greener, inanimate compatriots on Earth. Botanist entertains the gospel—worships it even—that nature is poetic, and that flora is divine. Maybe that would all sound a bit frivolous if it wasn't done so well. But indeed, Botanist knows what he's doing. The project's previous albums have found themselves on lists including NPR's 25 Best Metal Albums and Metal Injection's Top 10 Releases among [...]

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Botanist debuts experimental track "Tillandsia"

In anticipation of his upcoming split release with Palace of Worms, San Francisco's own black metal outfit Botanist has released the frenzied album cut "Tillandsia" via Revolver Magazine. The Botanist is a one-man band from San Francisco, and met acclaim earlier this year with IV: Mandragora. Back again, the Botanist premieres his "hammered dulcimer instrumentation" on the upcoming split, of which the Botanist's side is called The Hanging Gardens of Hell. The record is out November 12 from The Flenser. Pre-order the album here, and listen to "Tillandsia" below.

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