The Bay Abridged: Sept 23 — 29

In this recurring feature known as The Bay Abridged, our staff writers will provide short, witty recaps on shows they attended around the Bay Area. A scene check, a heat check, and sometimes more — stop by every Wednesday for the most comprehensive and concise recap of last week's Bay Area concert scene. Photo by @psbergman Lil Dowager, Leucrota, Sloths, I Wanna Die, undo at One Fam (Oak) Sept. 23 Had a chance to catch one of my favorite Oakland bands, Lil Dowager along with Santa Cruz's Leucrota after Wednesday night band practice. I got there in time for Leucrotas's [...]

Photos & Review: Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy off the beaten path in Felton, 10/25/10

This past Monday, Don Quixote's in Felton was lucky enough to host the one and only Bonnie 'Prince' Billy on his latest tour off the beaten path. As with Hardly Strictly Bluegrass, Bonnie was joined by The Cairo Gang, and they sound like they have been playing together forever. The guitarist, Emmett Kelly, was particularly at home and brought some amazing Crazy Horse solos. Bonnie's voice sounded better than ever in the small, well-equipped room. I never thought he would remind me of Van Morrison, but he did...there I said it. Mr. Billy was visually arresting as well, all in [...]

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