Bobbing’s hyperactive ‘Mixtape’ will surprise and delight you

Oakland’s Bobbing returns with Mixtape — a stuttering, unhinged triumph. The 17-track, sitcom-length album weaves seamlessly between snippets of ideas with the precision of a paring knife. Bobbing · Mixtape What's going on here? Why is it so good? If I had to guess, I think it’s because the album’s foundation lies in erratic head-knocking grooves. Bobbing's music is the ultimate blend of volatile-but-tight drum beats and surprising textures, melodies, and voices. As a result, Mixtape never bores — no single idea wears out its welcome. Joyful, curious, and often funny (take “The Big Unit,” a sort-of stream of consciousness [...]

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Bobbing charts frenetic, delightful waters on ‘Thank You For Singing To Me’

(photo: Maddie Deutsch) Bobbing's Robert Luisi Ross sits on the Thank You For Singing To Me album cover in cartoon form, surrounded by both lush greenery and guitar pedals. This pairing seems disjunctive at first — how is he even going to power that Zvex Fuzz Factory or OCD Overdrive in the woods? But less than a minute after pushing play, it becomes clear that the artwork is on the nose. Affected tones and natural ones coalesce into six beautifully eclectic songs, all woven together with an animated buoyancy. Thank You For Singing To Me by Bobbing Formerly of Oakland-by-way-of-Santa-Cruz [...]

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