Blues Lawyer releases “Scenic Route” on…a postcard

“Who knows where we’ll be in ten months,” Blues Lawyer thought when pressing plants told them they might have to wait almost a year to release their new single, “Scenic Route” on 7” vinyl. The Oakland band looked for a way to put the song out more quickly and, after rejecting “all that extra plastic” of cassette tapes, Elyse Schrock (drums/vocals and also videography) and Rob I. Miller (vocals/guitar) from Blues Lawyer were looking into flexis (remember those thin plastic promos that came in music magazines?) when they found a manufacturer that could press on postcards. Not only did this [...]

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Blues Lawyer luck into ‘Something Different’

Following the release of their 2018 debut album Guess Work, wonderfully anxious pop outfit Blues Lawyer was forced to reconsider their original plan for the project, which was to stop. See, the band was supposed to serve as an outlet for the songwriting collaboration between guitarist Rob Miller, of the defunct post-punk act Mall Walk, and drummer Elyse Schrock, of the awe-inspiring and groovy the World, who had originally planned to play a few shows and let the project fade away. To their surprise — and to our benefit — the two found a special channel in Blues Lawyer that allowed [...]

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Blues Lawyer shares track from debut LP

Blues Lawyer, the East Bay's premier supergroup if there ever was one, just announced their debut LP, Guess Work, set for a May release on Emotional Response and Vacant Stare. Featuring members of the World, Preening, Mall Walk, and Dick Stusso himself, Blues Lawyer only needs a minute and a half to get you hooked with the first song they've shared, "Unstable." "Unstable" gives you the feeling this is the most upbeat project anyone in the band is working on, even as it's mutually commiserating over a lack of mental stability. You can preorder the Guess Work LP via Emotional [...]

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Review + Photos: Downtown Boys at Bottom of the Hill

Downtown Boys (photo: Aaron Rubin) I had been waiting for this moment for years due to being too depressed, sick, poor, to ever catch Downtown Boys before. There are so many reasons why I could not miss them this time around, mainly being that I finally had the energy and resources. Downtown Boys are one of the most important current bands, because every performance is curated to what is going on in the world right now (which is what has been going on in the world forever). They are not going to keep quiet to keep their white fans happy. The [...]

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