Review & Photos: Nobunny, Bongwater & Black Swans, 1/24/12 – 1/25/12

"Music has always been a matter of energy to me, a question of Fuel. Sentimental people call it Inspiration, but what they really mean is Fuel." - Hunter S. Thompson No, this photo is not from last week's show at 1-2-3-4 Go! Records. It was all ages after all and Nobunny kept his clothes on. The room was completely packed and no one was safe from the moshing, flying jackets and projectile vomit. The short set ripped through much of the Nobunny catalog including the signature "Boneyard" and "I am a Girlfriend". The grande finale was a fueled up version [...]

Is there hope post-KUSF?

I've been out more than usual this past week since KUSF was ripped from the airwaves. Can we save the next band from calling it quits or the next venue from closing its doors? Is it too late?? Saturday (1/22) I headed for the Rite Spot. A place I'd been only once or twice before but a place I loved at first sight. It's the prototypical neighborhood dive with friendly staff, good food, and a great vibe. Columbus Ohio's Black Swans played the 3rd of a 4 night Bay Area tour there. Jerry, the head swan, is completely dedicated to [...]

Black Swans play Bay Area shows this week, after split with Bonnie Prince Billy

Photo: Lydia Deakin Black Swans - "Rooster" The unabridged book of American songwriters would include pages on Bob Martin and Larry Jon Wilson. But not that many pages. In order to understand their contributions one would need to push past the Haggards and Hardins, the Goffins and Kings, the Everlys and Earles, and dive headlong into the footnotes and sidebars. It is in this historical underbrush that Jerry DiCicca operates. The impresario, producer, and yes songwriter (nom de plume: The Black Swans) has spent the good part of four years stoking a rediscovery of these two diamonds-in-the-rough, culminating with the [...]

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