Black Mountain plays ‘Destroyer’ at the Independent

Photo courtesy of Pitch Perfect PR Black Mountain just released the music video for “Licensed to Drive” and it’s one of the most pleasing music videos I’ve seen in a while. The rockers get swooped into a video game and play on a car cruising through the desert, ride a bat and I won’t give much away but punk rock is alive and well. For anyone who knows the Canadian band, they’re a killer mix of punk meets hair metal meets mesmerizing. They’ve just released their latest album, Destroyer (Jagjaguwar) and are playing this Sunday at the Independent. New members [...]

Black Mountain bringing spacerock act to the Independent

With their name and their penchant for bone-crunching riffs, Black Mountain would seem like a perfect fit for the Southern grindcore canon that includes outfits like Mastadon and Baroness. Yet the Vancouver-based band led by Stephen McBean (who fronts, like 10 other groups as well) has plenty of dronish, contemplative moments that instead recall trippy spacerock acts like Jason Pierce’s Spiritualized. And like that UK band, there is the not-so-vague druggy feel of the music, which makes sense, as the group’s members have volunteered at organizations providing treatment to Vancouver’s heroin addicts. Additionally, there have always been rumors that drug [...]

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