Black Jeans playing final show at Haçeteria

Haçeteria is back for another round this month, with Russell Butler playing his final show as Black Jeans at San Francisco's Slate Bar on Friday. Haçeteria resident DJs Nihar, SMAÇ, Jason P, and Tristes Trop will be expected to keep the party going, along with special guest DJs Inhalt and Sky Madden. Subset will provide visuals, plus photos by Alex Mae. Synth manipulator and vocalist Russell Butler is retiring his Black Jeans project after recording and performing under the moniker for the past four years. His final Black Jeans album Black Tourmaline (available for streaming below) was released on Amdiscs [...]

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Review & Photos: Beach Fossils, Surf Club, Black Jeans @ Slim's 4/23/2013

If you're in the mood for some serious '90s nostalgia, no time machine necessary. Brooklyn's Beach Fossils at Slim's on Tuesday night certainly fulfilled such a craving, and the audience was totally into it. It's been a while since I've seen a crowd go so absolutely ballistic. From my position at the edge of a lively flail-pit, I was one with the sweaty mob of enthused Beach Fossils fans dancing up a storm. It was a little unexpected, honestly - sunny dream pop doesn't exactly equate to a dance-mosh frenzy, but everyone (myself included) certainly welcomed Beach Fossils' infectious energy [...]

Best of 2012: Dylan Travis on Black Jeans

Overgrown Grief by Black Jeans 2012 was a whirlwind. Suddenly there are so many truly creative and forward-thinking bands in the Bay Area that it’s almost impossible to keep up. Cohesive, considered scenes have sprung up, representing almost any genre you can think of—but somehow the landscape feels supportive across the spectrum. From the unsparing darkwave of Chasms to the vibrant no-rave arpeggiations of Uncanny Valley, the gorgeous sample-based dreamscapes of Elephant & Castle to the casual brilliance of rappers like Antwon and producers like Friendzone, the Bay Area is exploding with new perspectives and ideas. Do I even need [...]

Sweating Tapes releases Bay Area synth compilation

Sweating Tapes' second regionally-focused synth compilation showcases eleven Bay Area acts, and it's a thoroughly compelling set bookended by standout tracks from Group Rhoda and Uncanny Valley. Two more highlights from the tape, Ssleeping DesiresS and Black Jeans, are performing live at a compilation release party on Friday, October 26th at Sub-Mission.

Wednesday at Public Works: Pixel Memory, Black Jeans, Otherness

Public Works near 14th & Mission has risen to the occasion of being a busy nighttime venue, and to add to their busy schedule of events is a last minute show tomorrow night with Otherness, Pixel Memory and Black Jeans (9pm, $5). Wednesday's bill is a great glimpse into the rekindled local electronic/house music scene, including side projects from Man/Miracle and Elephant & Castle (Otherness), Butterfly Bones (Pixel Memory), and Black Jeans, an synth-heavy, one-man project, which received Altered Zones acclaim for just its demos. Acts of Dreams by blackjeans EP by Otherness Night Colors (Demo) by Pixel Memory

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