Live This Month: Slink into the holiday season with indie staples and promising newcomers

With spooky season behind us (and hopefully the wildfires, too), the holiday season is rapidly approaching. Turning the clocks back and hunkering down for winter brings an array of emotions for everyone, but regardless of your traditions or stress levels, the staff at the Bay Bridged is here to try to ease your tension. From indie heavyweights Bloc Party and Joanna Newsom and the Black Keys to the singular voice of Brittany Howard, there truly is something for everyone this month. (Personally, I've got my eyes fixed on FKA Twigs stop at the Fox, but I'm not picking favorites — [...]

Black Belt Eagle Scout brings her ghostly jangle to SF

Two years ago, Katherine Paul's debut album as Black Belt Eagle Scout, Mother of my Children, was released. Haunting and simple, the constructs of the songs were designed to cling to the mind. The word "catchy" is too cheap to attach to Paul's songcraft, but there's no doubting that her ghostly jangle worms its way into the internal background soundtrack of the listener long after the record has stopped. So, when I learned Paul was releasing another record so soon after Mother, I was had high hopes. I was not disappointed. At the Party with My Brown Friends is an [...]

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