Mike Sempert (Birds and Batteries) – “Good Morning Young Artist”

We have both good news and bad news. Good news: Mike Sempert (of Birds & Batteries, whom we know very well) is releasing a whole set of solo songs, in the form of Mid Dream. Bad news: Sempert no longer calls the Bay home, and now lives in Los Angeles (Mid Dream essentially came together just before the relocation process). And currently, his only upcoming live show is also in Los Angeles. Regardless of location, we can still check out Sempert's new music, as "Good Morning Young Artist" premiered on FILTER a few days ago. Mid Dream is officially out [...]

Birds & Batteries to play final show for indefinite period on 11/16/12

Sad news from the Birds & Batteries camp recently: with two members leaving, the band's upcoming show this Friday, November 16th, is now their final show with the current lineup and the final B&B show for the near future. On the positive front, bandleader Mike Sempert promises that he's working on plenty of new music, and let's hope Birds & Batteries will return at some point too. In any event, the band is playing on Friday with DOOMbird and DJ oWNERSHIP at 1772 Market Street (formerly Rebel). The show starts at 9pm, and the extremely tasty Sneaky's BBQ will be [...]

Video: Birds & Batteries – "Be My Girl"

A naked woman sprouts a mini forest on one arm and a mini city on the other in the new NSFW video for Birds & Batteries' cut "Be My Girl". It's a haunting image, bordering on creepy—and that seems to be exactly what the director James Sharpe was going for, as the blog Some Kind of Awesome, where the video premiered, quotes him saying: Using the human body as a canvas I wanted to create a beautiful and haunting visual narrative portraying a conflict between nature, architecture and the body, ultimately representing love and acceptance, whatever the imperfections. I asked [...]

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Listen to Birds & Batteries' new LP, 'Stray Light' (release show on 8/3/12)

Oakland-based Birds & Batteries have been and continue to be many things: indie-folk, Americana, electronic, pop — often all at the same time. For the uninitiated the thought of combining that many genres may sound like something dreamed up by a stoned high-schooler discovering his dad's record collection for the first time. But B&B are not some randomly slapped together mess. And unlike the wild concoction cooked up that very same stoned high-schooler on a quest to satisfy his munchies, the band has only gotten better with age. (Did that make sense? You know, like you would NEVER eat a [...]

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Live This Month: August 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #284)

Live This Month: August 2012 — an audio guide through SF concerts this month (Podcast #284) In Live This Month, we sample some of the great local and out-of-town bands performing in the coming month in the San Francisco Bay Area. August means the return of the Outside Lands Festival, the latest installment of which deftly balances the expected big name headliners with a healthy serving of compelling indie artists. There are certainly plenty of good options to keep attendees satisfied all weekend long, but if you're considering a single day ticket, we'd recommend skipping work on Friday, as opening [...]

Video: Birds & Batteries – "Let the Door Swing"

Birds & Batteries are set to release a new full-length album, Stray Light, on August 7, 2012, and they've just released this video for lead single "Let the Door Swing". It features some pretty spectacular special effects, and no wonder — it was made by a company called Sirocco Research Labs. Sounds sciencey! B&B have also graciously posted the catchy little electro-funk number as a free download via FILTER Magazine. You can grab that right here: The guys and gal of B&B have been keeping busy, it seems. They just toured the Pacific Northwest last month, and they put out [...]

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Broke-Ass Stuart celebrates ten years in SF with a party

Broke-Ass Stuart has been living in SF for a decade now, dispensing top-notch advice for the budget-conscious. Stuart's celebrating ten years with a party on Thursday night at Public Works that, naturally, features a bunch of great entertainment, and, also naturally, won't break the bank. Judgement Day, Birds & Batteries, and Social Studies, all for just three bucks? Happy anniversary, Broke-Ass. More details & RSVP here. Peacocks / Pink Monsters by Judgement Day Wind Up Wooden Heart by Social Studies

Birds & Batteries – "Epic Fail"

Photograph of a Supernova Remnant SN 1006 by NASA, ESA, and The Hubble Heritage Team (STScI/AURA) "Epic Fail" comes from Birds & Batteries' recent Unfold EP, which finds the band in dark synth pop mode (stream it in full below). The five-song set was actually composed at the same time as the group's upcoming full length, Stray Light. Birds & Batteries perform at the California Academy of Sciences tonight and at Public Works on May 17. UNFOLD by Birds & Batteries

Song Premiere: Birds & Batteries – "Living Through Pictures"

Photo by: Matthew Washburn This morning on The Bay Bridged, we debut "Living Through Pictures" -- one of five danceable pop songs that mark the return of Birds & Batteries. They celebrate the release of their newest EP, the somewhat dark and synth-heavy Unfold, with a show at Bottom of the Hill Saturday. The bill stays local with Mwahaha and oWNERSHIP (8:30, $12, tickets). Those who attend the show will not only receive a download code to the digital EP, they'll see "Living Through Pictures" performed live for the very first time. Here's a little info about the EP: Unfold [...]

Wednesday: Outta Sight Holiday Spectacular features holiday performances by over a dozen local bands

If you're looking for a local music take on holiday cheer, head to the The Verdi Club on Wednesday night (8pm, Free), where Tartufi's monthly Dark Nights show will become the sixth annual Outta Sight Holiday Spectacular. Billed as "part drunken carol fest, part amazing showcase of local Bay Area talent," over a dozen local bands will be there, playing two holiday songs per band. With a list that includes Tartufi, Birds & Batteries, Moomaw, Walking in Sunlight, and many, many more, the show should help warm even the most Grinch-like (and having some drinks while you're there couldn't hurt).

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