Everyone Is Dirty – "California" (playing The Night Light)

Remember when we told you about Converse giving away free studio time to emerging Bay Area artists? We're starting to see more and more new music and videos as a result of that project, including "California", the latest track from Oakland's Everyone Is Dirty. So far, I've enjoyed everything to come out of Converse's new takeover of our local scene, and "California" is no exception. (Actually, I take that back – I didn't like the strange rejection email Converse sent me telling me I would not be able to attend one of their great free shows at Slim's.) Luckily, Everyone [...]

Big Long Now – "NY Has Cancer"

Do you like your music tight and loud, with a frontman that sounds like he's spitting and sweating all over the place, just on the edge of crazy? If you do, Oakland's Big Long Now may be just the band for you. Formed by three New Hampshire natives, Big Long Now has been playing together as a trio for a little over year, but bassist Jimmy Ryan and drummer Matty O'Reilly were childhood friends that had been in bands with each other for several years prior. "Jimmy and Matty's long history playing together had rendered a fluid chemistry on bass [...]

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