Shredification: Washington State of Affairs

Music writers are suckers for geography. Tying up groups of bands in neat little localized bows makes for easy copy, with the added benefit that once you pigeonhole a bunch of quasi-related groups -- the "Seattle Sound," say -- you have that touchstone to deploy next time you feel like phoning in some cheap comparisons. Seattle bands are the order of the day today, though the comparisons will hopefully be hewn from finer stuff. Specifically, two Seattle bands that have recently released new records: The Melvins, and Black Breath. Black Breath - "Children of the Horn" The traditional route here [...]

Review: Triclops! at Bottom of the Hill, 11/2

Triclops! - "Secret 93" Halloween hangovers were still definitely in play Monday night at Bottom of the Hill. Triclops! took the stage in support of Big Business, filling the first half of an unorthodox two-band bill. The audience may not have been as energetic as would have been ideal, but frontman Johnny "No Moniker" Mink had his own plans, diving on and off the stage to engage in all sorts of delectably bizarre rock-singer behavior. The bantamweight belter was often missing from view -- subsumed in the crowd as he writhed on the floor, or hidden by their [...]

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My Metal Month of May

The shows cropped up fast as Memorial day approached, cascading on top of each other like the hairs of a vigorously headbanged coif. Instead of trying to keep pace, I bode my time. Now, feast on these reviews, covering the last couple weeks of heavy, condensed and combined into an omnibus post, richly suffused with the connective tissue of metaphor and theme. Black Cobra at Thee Parkside, 5/14 The beginning of a landmine marathon, the first battle in a war that my eardrums were certain to lose. Local duo Black Cobra appeared at a birthday party for Pirate [...]

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