Oakland’s Bicycle Day drops new EP on cassette

Amidst the wave of contemporary bands hailing from the East Bay, Oakland's Bicycle Day seems to be trying their best to craft a musical niche of their own. With City Streets, their third release to date, the band has recorded a 4-song EP on a Tascam 424 portable studio recorder in order to create their own notable version of DIY sound in the veins of legendary independent artists such as Sebadoh. For these Oakland locals, guitar twang paired with languid vocalizations eventually seem to work their own way out to form a musically cohesive and enjoyable structure. All tracks were [...]

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Bicycle Day release ‘I Had A Place To Be’

There's something to admire about East Bay-based band Bicycle Day. And their debut album, I Had A Place To Be, can fully back that notion. Recorded in Anaheim's Thee Mens Warehouse - a collective studio, venue, label, rehersal and art space - the album is a collection of songs that combine elements of punk, surf, and psych. With captivating riffs that oscillate between being surfy to sludgy in nature and apathetic vocals to match, the outfit has crafted a patented blend of music that they can call their very own. But don't take my word for it. Listen to the album in [...]

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CCR Headcleaner, Skate Laws, and Bicycle Day: A Noise Pop happy hour recap

Photos by Jon Ching There’s something incredibly comforting about Benders: a dive on the corner of 19th and South Van Ness the bar is a host to a multitude of late night debauchery and live music. As five o’ clock rolled around, the bar remained mellow as members of Bicycle Day, Skate Laws, and CCR Headcleaner prepared themselves for the Noise Pop Jameson and Gibbsmo happy hour. Bicycle Day took the stage first to a crowd who was mostly preoccupied with feasting on Bender’s famous burgers and tater tots. However, despite the lack of complete audience engagement they delivered a [...]

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