Beyond The Bay: Openair St. Gallen 2018 in Switzerland

Sofi Tukker (photo: Ian Young) With Outside Lands soon upon us (three-day passes still available!) I decided to check out a music festival that shares many similar ethos to our own beloved party in a park: Openair St. Gallen in the northeastern part of Switzerland. Held every year since 1977, Openair St. Gallen is a 4-day camping festival nestled in the rolling green hills of Switzerland just south of the German border. Since camping is included with every ticket and campsites are integrated within the festival site, most attendees choose to stay for the entire festival, enjoying the 24/7 music, [...]

Sónar Barcelona: Artists beyond the Bay you need to know about

Museless (photo: Ian Young) Photographer Ian Young traveled to Barcelona to discover artists beyond the Bay that you need to know about. Sónar Barcelona, celebrating its 25th year, spotlights avant-garde and experimental electronic artists from around the world and attracts world-class talent including Gorillaz, Thom Yorke, and LCD Soundsystem. Without further ado, here are six artists you should seek out on Spotify or Soundcloud. CYBER Origin: Iceland Members: Salka Valsdóttir, Jóhanna Rakel, and DJ Þura Stína In a nutshell: Feminist rap with a wink and a smile Listen // Watch Little Simz Origin: UK In a nutshell: London-born, Nigeria-background, spitter [...]

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Beyond The Bay: Brandon’s guide to European record collecting

Oye Records, Berlin. (photos: Brandon Roos) For some, a vacation may mean snapping famous sights, sampling local foods, or simply taking things slow. As a vinyl junkie, anytime I go somewhere new, my focus is on unearthing stacks of a town’s local record shop. The premise of record shops is largely the same everywhere you go, but the personality and selection can vary dramatically. My European getaway revealed shoebox shops with loads of personality, near-obsessive organization, and kind shopkeepers willing to accommodate tardy shoppers. During my two-week stint overseas, I visited Amsterdam, Munich, and Berlin, and was lucky enough to [...]

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