Our best stories from the worst year

photo illustration by Makaila Heifner I don't think any of us are going to be sad to see that clock flip over to 12:00 tonight. However — despite the unmitigated disaster that was 2020, The Bay Bridged, all things considered, had a pretty damn good year. Thanks to the inventiveness of the artists we share the scene with, we managed to put together some really special content. Join us on a journey down Local Music Memory Lane, won't you? We published what's likely our sweariest interview ever with PSDSP.We introduced you to your new favorite heavy-rock band.We also introduced you to [...]

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Derek’s Best of The Bay: 2020

Photo by Eric Molyneaux With the pandemic putting the kibosh on live music, there's unquestionably been a collective sadness within our hearts. That old world — where one could wander into a venue, order a cheap* beer, and get floored by some upstart opening act — seems like an eternity ago. It's been interesting see to how artists and fans scrambled to find new ways connect and fill the void left by the vacant venues. But amid some questionable livestreams, social media meltdowns, or choosing to ignore it completely , artists did what they do best during times of turmoil [...]

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