Joshua Huver’s 2016-in-Review: The Year of 100 Shows

I think it’s safe to say that NOT ONE OF US was prepared for the never-ending, often emotional, always irrational roller coaster that was 2016. For many, it was an extremely difficult year, and it wasn’t easy to face the mortality of so many personal heroes in relatively quick succession. But I am an enthusiastic proponent of the power of positive thinking, and more importantly, positive action. Despite the tragedies that will make many eager to forget the year 2016, I’m going to reflect on why it was without a doubt the single most eventful year of life. I — [...]

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Best of 2016: The first Hamiltunes SF (an unexpected story)

The first Hamiltunes SF event at El Rio. Maybe you'll recognize me front and center; I had just come off the stage after doing my best Maria Reynolds impersonation. There's a very good chance that we've reached peak Hamilton, and that some people reading this might be rolling their eyes. I hesitated to even write this (is this the right audience?), but overall, decided to stick with what truly was my most unique experience with music in 2016...even if it wasn't the typical concert/album/whathaveyou that would normally grace these pages. After finding myself addicted to the Hamilton soundtrack earlier this [...]

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Best of 2016: Russell Jelinek’s favorite local lyrical moments

I've never been one to sit down and follow along to the lyrics when I listen to an album, but there were a few lyrical moments from local artists that really punched me in the gut this year. Here are some of my favorites. "I got big money, all facts, petty bitches can fall back" - Kamaiyah on E-40's "Petty": The words aren't exactly thought-provoking, but Kamaiyah's delivery of this line made me stop what I was doing, spin around, grin ear-to-ear, and immediately start the song over just to get to this line again. The choppy cadence leading [...]

Best of 2016 Playlist: Over 150 songs San Francisco Bay Area artists released this year!

While 2016 has been fraught with challenges and hardship, locally, nationally, and abroad, San Francisco Bay Area musicians have continued to push forward. Local artists released a ton of great albums this year, with highlights traversing a number of genres, including indie rock, electronic, hip hop, punk, psych, and folk. We covered the wealth of releases by San Francisco Bay Area bands in over 1,200 articles published on this web site this year. To look back on these local highlights, the playlist below collects songs from over 150 of the LPs, EPs, and singles that local bands released this year. [...]

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Best of 2016: Jessica Perez’s favorite concert photos

Cage The Elephant (photo: Jessica Perez) Editor's note: Photographer Jessica Perez joined The Bay Bridged at the start of the year and has an impressive collection of bands she's photographed in the short time that she's been with us. From rising stars like Anderson East to venue-filling acts like Two Door Cinema Club and Blink-182, she's gotten some great shots of a lot of the bands that have come through the Bay in the last year. Check out her collection of 25 of her favorite photos from this year below.

Best of 2016: Will Reisman’s favorite musical moments

Growing up in Maine, without any hip older brother to speak of, my exposure to cool music was about as limited as one could imagine. I listened to the radio while driving around with my friends, and as a result, I grew up paying fealty to the classic rock establishment of The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, and any other hoary old screamer or crooner who got air time on 101.7. It was only after I got to college and discovered the likes of Pavement, Joy Division, and Elliot Smith that I pushed back on the old establishment. Listening [...]

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Best of 2016: Paige’s favorite crowd photos

Crowd at Twenty One Pilots (By: Paige K. Parsons) Editor's note: Photographer Paige K. Parsons takes not only great shots of bands but plenty of the fans at the shows she covers. The intensity and passion of a band's fans can sometimes say just as much about the band. The Bay Area music scene is fortunate to have some of the most devoted and animated music fans this side of the country, and Paige's selection of 16 photos from some of her favorite shots of fans from this year all speak for themselves.

Jody’s Best Of 2016: Everything* non-local I loved this year

That's right. I've been keeping a list. Julia Jacklin Sydney, Australia If you asked me at any point after March of this year what I was listening to, know that I was trying very hard to keep from blaring "JULIA JACKLIN" at you before you even finished the sentence. The first time I heard "Pool Party" it made me me so, so deeply sad that I knew I had to have more. Because sometimes you need that — sometimes you need music that matches your most extreme emotions, and Julia Jacklin has the ultimate handle on human sadness. Christopher the [...]

Best of 2016: Jon Ching’s favorite concert photos from all over the Bay

Black Pistol Fire (photo: Jon Ching) Editor's note: Jon Ching has been a member of The Bay Bridged photography team for a number of years and brings back great photos every time he covers a show in the Bay. We were excited to have him back and covering more festivals and live acts than ever this year, from the spanning Noise Pop Festival to Napa's BottleRock Napa Valley to John Waters' celebration of the weird at Burger Boogaloo in Oakland. Check out 23 photos that Jon selected from all the acts he covered this year in the diverse and excellent gallery [...]

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Best of 2016: Patric Carver’s concert photos of the year

A Very Bloody Misfit Cabaret (photo: Patric Carver) Editor's note: Patric Carver is a new addition to The Bay Bridged photography team and in a short amount of time has already amassed an impressive number of photos from some shows in and around the Bay Area.  He has also covered some unique music events that you can see in his gallery below, which includes selections from cabaret shows. Here are 14 of his favorite photos he took from the year, all unique and of quite a few different bands and acts from the last few months.

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